Devi Aur Hero (2021)

M18 / Hindi / / 117 min

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Kaali Ghosh, who has been kept as a sex slave by an industrialist's son, escapes. But she needs to solve the case of her constant blackouts. For this she visits a therapist whose ad she sees in the papers. Vikrant Saraswat is a therapist who is himself seeking therapy for sex addiction and his worst fear is getting back to work and seeing a woman client who he is attracted to. And Kaali meets him. They both need to help each other out, before the shadow sides of their minds completely take over their worlds and push them into doom. Will Kaali be able to step out of her Dissociative Identity disorder and make peace with the identities created within her? Will Vikrant be able to reconnect with the feminine, beyond his addiction and find salvation in doing his work righteously and aptly?

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