The Clock: Spirits Awakening (2020)

NC16 / Khmer / Drama / Horror / 1 Hour 57 Minutes

The Clock: Spirits Awakening Movie Poster
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After her mother Chanda left the family, Cheata has to live with her father and stepmother, who often abuses her physically and mentally. This leaves the girl in a state of deep depression and every night she listens to Chanda`s lullaby while holding a photo of her, but this does little to heal Cheata`s pain. Due to this weakness, she falls under the control of the spirit of a French lady that possesses a clock. The lady died in 1940 following the death of her boyfriend, who was a clock engineer. She committed suicide after listening to "Gloomy Sunday", a song that caused a number of suicides. Her restless spirit returned with hopes to fulfil the yearnings of people suffering from depression.

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