Pokémon Detective Pikachu Movie Poster

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

PG / English / Adventure / Comedy / 105 min

Director Rob Letterman 
Cast Ryan Reynolds, Justice Smith, Kathryn Newton, Ken Watanabe, Omar Chaparro, Suki Waterhouse 
Release Date 09 May 2019


Tiger Heng
11 May 2019
Thoroughly Surprised!! :)
My expectations was quite low going into the movie; as I was not quite sure whether Ryan Reynolds can pull off the speaking voice of Pikachu... but Boy was i wrong! The movie started off slow, and its is mainly because of the world building and introduction of the characters, Pokemon fans will be very happy to see all their favourite Pokemon finally in live-action. However once the movie builds up its pace, it never lets up. Great pacing in the 2nd and 3rd act, in fact this is one of the best 3rd acts of any movies I have seen this year. I was not very impressed with some of the acting, but the plot, visuals, creatures and twists saved the movie and made it extremely touching and suitable for all ages. This is a movie that will make you smile leaving the theater. :)

11 May 2019
pleasantly surprised
Was pleasantly surprised when I watched this movie. Exceeded my expectations of a ‘childhood cartoon’. Am glad I caught this show for sure! Some scenes were pretty hilarious! Worth catching!

Asybiel Seah
14 May 2019
Good movie
This is a great movie to watch. But beware. Nerds & otaku from surrounding will be like naming all the pokemons when it flashes on screen. As annoying as peenoise sounds.

19 May 2019
Amazing CGI
Although the acting and plot development was lacking at some points, overall a very good movie for Pokémon fans. The Pokémon CGI was amazing.

12 May 2019
Childhood throwback
The storyline and acting was ok, but Ryan Reynold’s detective pikachu was so hilarious that we could not stop laughing. The pokemons in the movie are exactly what I envisioned my childhood pokemons from the games to look like. A worthwhile family film that really brings the pokemons i grew up with into real life.

16 May 2019
Pokemon fans-must watch!
If you are a pokemon fan, you have gonna watch it! I used to play the pokemon game and I have to say that I am impressed with how well the evolution is being capture in this movie?!

14 May 2019
Can't go wrong with Ryan Reynolds
You can't go wrong with Ryan Reynolds even though it's just his voice. As usual hilarious. Fantastic for Pokemon fans out there

11 May 2019
Detective pikachu
Story line quite interesting, pikachu looks very cute, others Pokémon looks real too, I like this so much

11 May 2019
Good entertainment
Very cute and funny. Storyline is ok. Suitable for both children and adult. I guess this movie bring back alot of people childhood.

14 May 2019
Fun family film
CGI is amazing but plot is pretty predictable

Teddy Rufus
10 May 2019
Kid's Movie
Wasn't what I expected, the storyline to me didn't really add up or make any sense. Little pokemon battles and the only plus point was the cute pokemons.

Cayden CoOlz
09 May 2019

Cyrille Locatelli
14 May 2019
Painful to watch
A movie with no plot whatsoever, irrational and dumb heroes (and villains), lacking depth and brimmed with ugly animations. Don't think the format of action movie was adapted to pokemon. Barely any reference to the universe appart from having monsters indeed called Pokemons in there.

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